Whitacre meets Bernstein

January 2016: Eric Whitacre has conquered the hearts of all of Flanders, and has himself fallen head over heels in love with Belgium and the Flemish Radio Choir. “If I had known …!”, exclaimed Eric Whitacre after the first rehearsal with the Flemish Radio Choir. He was overwhelmed by the quality and flexibility of the choir, and immediately came up with a ton of creative ideas for new projects. His guiding principles are always the same: music that moves, is accessible, and speaks to people around the world.

Exactly what the other great American composer on the programme accomplished: Leonard Bernstein mixed Broadway musicals with symphonies, and impressive operas with subtle vocal work. A perfect match, in other words, between two American musical heroes.


Leonard Bernstein – Chichester Psalms

Leonard Bernstein – Best of All Possible Worlds

Leonard Bernstein – It Must be So

Leonard Bernstein – Make our Garden Grow

Eric Whitacre – Cloudburst

Trent Reznor arr. Eric Whitacre – Hurt

Martin Gore arr. Eric Whitacre – Enjoy the Silence

Eric Whitacre – Goodnight Moon

Eric Whitacre – Sainte-Chapelle

Eric Whitacre – Sleep

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