This Christmas, we will celebrate – perhaps more than ever – with those who are dear to us. With our family, with friends, with those we consider to be part of our family. We will sit down to the table together for a joyful Christmas dinner, full of warm memories and hart-warming music.

And we look for that music in a family that has left its mark unlike any other on the history of music; the Bach family. The initials J.S. say it all, but several other Bachs after him also displayed their musical talent.

The Haydn family also had music in their genes: Michael, the younger brother of Joseph Haydn, drew inspiration for his Responsoria Ad Matutinum In Nativitate Domini, also known as the Weihnachts-Responsorien, from vocal traditions of the 16th century. A fine counterpart to the classic Christmas carols of our own century, with which we end this Christmas feast.


livestream of the concert on December 21st in Flagey in collaboration with Evil Penguin TV
with the support of the Belgian Tax Shelter


Johann Sebastian Bach, Singet Dem Herrn Ein Neues Lied, BWV 225

Johann Michael Bach, Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe

Johann Ludwig Bach, Uns ist ein Kind geboren

Johann Christoph Bach, Der Mensch, vom Weibe geboren

Michael Haydn, Responsoria Ad Matutinum In Nativitate Domini, MH 639

Jan Sandström, Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

Franz Xaver Gruber, Stille Nacht

Christmas Carols

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