8 million views on YouTube for our recording of Barber's Agnus Dei, recorded with Marcus Creed in 2015. Wow, bedankt, merci, thank you, hvala, kiitos, shukran, mahalo, efharisto, grazie, arigato, takk, gracias, obrigado, spasibo, komsahamnida, dankie, aitäh, salamat, danke, toda raba, xie xie, tapadh leibh, tack, ...!

“We have noticed that the majority of the viewers is American, French and British. But we have been receiving reactions, emails and letters from people all over the world, asking us if they can use the music for all kinds of different personal moments and reasons. Clearly the music brings out a lot of emotions in people. Music, and in particular vocal music, has the incredible power to bring comfort in difficult times", explains Véronique Bossaert, head of marketing & communication.

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