The choir today exists to preserve our vocal heritage and art of singing, and to add new elements to it. Singing this music keeps it alive. If it continues to live, it can touch and inspire the coming generations.

The Vlaams Radiokoor does so with these extraordinary singers:


  • Sarah Abrams
  • Jolien De Gendt
  • Karen Lemaire
  • Kristien Nijs
  • Kelly Poukens
  • Evi Roelants
  • Charlotte Schoeters
  • Sarah Van Mol


  • Helena Bohuszewicz
  • Helen Cassano
  • María Gil Muñoz
  • Eva Goudie-Falckenbach
  • Estelle Lefort
  • Lieve Mertens
  • Sandra Paelinck
  • Noëlle Schepens


  • Gunter Claessens
  • Paul Foubert
  • Ivan Goossens
  • Paul Schils
  • Roel Willems


  • Conor Biggs
  • Joris Derder
  • Jan Van der Crabben