The Vlaams Radiokoor (Flemish Radio Choir) will hold auditions for professional singers. The auditions will take place in Zaventem (near Brussels Airport) on September 14th & 15th, 2021.

Download now the compulsary piece for the first round.

The application for the bass and tenor auditions is now closed. Download here the compulsary choral piece for the first round:

download: Figure Humaine by Francis Poulenc


The audition will consist of 2 rounds.

For the first round (September 14th) the candidates will be required to prepare and present:

  • 2 arias and 2 songs from 3 different time periods:
    > before 1800, 1800-1950, and post-1950.
    > amongst these 4 pieces, one must be in French, one in German and one in English.
  • In addition, the candidates will be required to sing a compulsory choral piece (download score)
    > excerpt from Figure Humaine by Francis Poulenc
    > partly with the other voices played on the piano
    > partly a capella

The candidates who reach the 2nd round (September 15th) will be required to sing:

  • a compulsory piece with piano, with 15 minutes’ preparation
  • a sight-reading piece
  • in a vocal quartet with three singers from the choir
  • a vocal range test

Download as PDF: nederlands français english deutsch

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Good luck!