Vlaams Radiokoor and music director Bart Van Reyn go back to baroque: "I look forward, together with the Radiokoor, to playing an active role in early music."

Bart Van Reyn, music director

“Flanders has for decades been at the forefront of the early music movement, with ensembles and conductors who enjoy worldwide renown. Audiences have also become experts in the genre, and we regularly receive visits by the best foreign Baroque ensembles. Bach played on modern instruments is now a thing of the past in this country, and Belgium plays a pioneering role in this regard.”


The predecessor of the Vlaams Radiokoor has played a major role in the rediscovery and appreciation of early music: in 1939, they were the ones who revived this discipline, then still very much in its infancy, and gave it new life. Many old scores were scrutinized and performed again for the first time in the contemporary era. In addition to classics like Monteverdi, these included a capella music by 15th- and 16th-century Flemish polyphonists such as Orlando di Lasso and Jacob Obrecht.

Bart Van Reyn, music director

“As part of the next cohort of conductors who seek to continue performing the valuable legacy of the golden generation, I look forward, together with the Radiokoor, to playing an active role in early music. With Il Gardellino, we have found a fabulous partner with whom to create exciting projects.”

Il Gardellino

Il Gardellino was founded in 1988 by Marcel Ponseele and Jan De Winne. The Baroque orchestra continues to revisit and renew its performance practice, conducting in-depth research into the historical background of the works they play.

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