What does the outbreak of the corona virus mean for your concert visit in practical terms?

Will my concert get cancelled?

No, all Vlaams Radiokoor concerts will take place as planned. At the moment there is no reason to cancel concerts (any possible developments will be monitored closely).

Will my concert tickets be refunded?

Tickets will not be refunded because there is no reason to cancel concerts at the moment. If you decide not to come to a concert, you can resell your ticket safely through Ticketswap.

What can I do to protect myself and how to avoid contamination?

> Wash your hands regulary and thoroughly (40 to 60 seconds) with water and soap. Check this site for the best way to wash your hands.
> Need to cough? Do it in a paper tissue or in the inside of your elbow.
> Use paper tissues when sneezing or blowing your nose and throw the tissues away in a sealable bin.
> Avoid shaking hands and giving kisses.
> Feeling ill? Consult your general practitioner and avoid contact with others.
> Avoid close contact with sick people.
> Try to pay attention to touch your face as little as possible with your hands.

Consult the website of the Federal Public Health Service for frequently asked questions about coronavirus.