For our last a cappella of the season, Tournée Vocale, we let the audience decide what we will sing. You have voted in large numbers and the results are in...

During the whole month of April, the audience got to vote for their favourite a cappella works. From familiar classics to recent gems, the choice was yours to compile our programme for the last concert series of this season: Tournée Vocale. You have voted in large numbers, and with no less than 83 votes Maarten Van Ingelgem's Hampstead Heath is the undisputed number 1! The work is part of the larger Onvoltooid Landschap (Unfinished Landscape), a 'peace oratorium' based on the novel of the same name by Annelies Verbeke, and telling the story of Edgar, a painter going to battle on the front, leaving behind his wife Julienne, and a canvas with an unfinished landscape.

Thank you for reaching out and voting, you have created a gorgeous programme for us which we very much look forward to sing!

your top 5

  1. Maarten Van Ingelgem – Hampstead Heath
  2. Samuel Barber Agnus Dei
  3. Arvo Pärt Magnificat
  4. Morten Lauridsen O Magnum Mysterium
  5. Eric Whitacre Nox Aurumque

Discover the full programme and get your tickets for one 4 Tournée Vocale concerts in Leuven, Bruges, Brussels or Lier!

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