Catherine Vanheusden, collection officer at Muntpunt, compiled this surprising reading list in which love in all its forms and guises plays the leading role:

"The assignment was to select a few titles - but during my search I came across so many interesting ones! It was difficult to choose..."

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Open Water
Caleb Azumah Nelson - roman
A harrowing love story, and an impressive look at race and masculinity.

Sweet Time
Pixin Weng - graphic novel
Vibrant swatches of paint build resonant portraits of heartache, childhood memories, and loneliness. Sweet Time is an intimate rumination on love, empathy, and confidence.

Postcolonial Love Poem
Natalie Diaz - gedichtbundel
Pulitzer Prize in Poetry 2021: “A collection of tender, heart-wrenching and defiant poems that explore what it means to love and be loved in an America beset by conflict.”

The Crane Wife
CJ Hauser - essays

Emerging from rigorous honesty and radical empathy , CJ relinquishes the idea of a single, permanent love story--in favor of the metaphor of a happy haunted house as a space that contains many stories, many pasts, and multiple histories.

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