On the basis of the human voice, an innovative view of the repertoire and a strong commitment, Muziektheater Transparant creates unconventional productions of high artistic worth which it shares with a range of audiences at home and abroad. The company advocates giving equal weight to the musical, visual and textual elements, which together make up an exciting whole.

Going from the artistic and social topicality, production house Muziektheater Transparant enters into an intensive dialogue with artists from various disciplines. The company pays particular attention to offering contemporary musicians the chance to develop and try new work. It works with amongst others Wim Henderickx, Annelies Van Parys, Luigi De Angelis and Claron McFadden. With TRANSLAB, Muziektheater Transparant opens its doors to young makers of music theatre and offers them support, training and opportunities for creation.


concerts with Muziektheater Transparant