As a tribute to composer Wim Henderickx, who died unexpectedly in December 2022, we reprise Revelations: a special composition by Wim from 2017, recorded on CD in 2020 by the Radiokoor, HERMESensemble, Lore Binon and Wim himself as conductor and percussionist.

Revelations is a multimedia production based on the striking visions of the 13th-century poetess and mystic Hadewijch d’Anvers: she describes an ecstatic loving relationship with the divine Other. This work seeks out the power of visionary experiences and ecstasy in our contemporary context, based on inspiration taken from mediaeval and Renaissance music for female voices.

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Wim Henderickx
Revelations (2017)

with also:
Jorrit Tamminga
Bart Celis
sound design
Kurt d'Haeseleer

with the support of Beside Tax Shelter and the Belgian Tax Shelter

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