Philippus de Monte was a musical genius and, together with Orlandus Lassus, among others, brought Flemish polyphony to its culmination. He was also responsible for several musical innovations, laying the foundations for the soon to be popular Baroque music.

As one of the most celebrated and prized composers of his time, de Monte travelled throughout Europa, from one assignment to the next: Naples, Rome, London, Vienna, Prague.

With this concert, we are following in his footsteps: a remarkable trajectory of this Mechelen cosmopolitan ‘avant la lettre’ in music.


Philippus de Monte / Lodewijk de Bisschop / Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina / William Byrd / Orlandus Lassus / Caspar Vincentius / Carolus Luython / Giovanni de Macque / Philippe Verdelot


🎟️🎫 €15 > €10

Venue: Sint-Pieter-en-Paulkerk

Location: Keizerstraat 1 | 2800 Mechelen
Telephone: +32 15 29 40 00

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