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June 2024

Wheel of Fortune


test your luck: spin the wheel at a Carmina Burana concert

May 2024

tipsy carmina?


in Carmina Burana, we sing about life and death, fate and love, but also: about beer - dive into the atmosphere and discover numerous young and vibrant Brussels breweries

April 2024

Carmina Burana: programme notes


O For-tu-na, ve-lut lu-na: you are probably familiar with the opening measures of Carmina Burana, but why is that? Read the programme notes

March 2024

Oster-Oratorium: programme notes


The Easter season is synonymous with Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Whether religious or not, many people make the musical versions of the Biblical Passion narrative part of an annual tradition: read the programme notes.

Start to forage


exploring urban nature around Flagey: uncover the hidden secrets of the Brussels’ sidewalks with Forest To Plate

Mass for the Endangered


a requiem for the not-yet-gone, a celebration of, and an elegy for, the natural world—animals, plants, insects, the planet itself—an appeal for greater awareness, urgency, and action

Mass for the Endangered: programme notes


Mass for the Endangered is a mourning song for endangered living beings and a call to action - read the programme notes

auditions for freelancers


we are looking for new colleagues - apply now

Cathedral for the Endangered


composer Kirkland Snider, writer Bellows, and visual artist CandyStations join forces for climate change - discover their approach

Radiokoor dazzles in London


raving reviews for the choir's debut at the Royal Festival Hall with London Philharmonic Orchestra

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