This concert took place on 6 March in the concert hall, without a live audience: you can rewatch the livestream until 20 March.

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Poetry, liturgy and contemplation: or how contemporary composers find inspiration in centuries-old texts and rituals. With this fine selection, the human voice gives us space for contemplation, room for emotions: a chance for heart and soul to catch its breath.

Composers like Arvo Pärt, Morten Lauridsen and Urmas Sisask are well aware of the power and impact of vocal music: they use the voice like none other to translate universal themes into music. To do so, they often turn to ancient religious and spiritual texts, or poetry. Combining word and music creates a sacred as well as recognizable world of sound.

This sound world will reverberate in a marvellously intimate manner within the grandeur of the Basilica of Koekelberg. Certainly if they are interspersed with the musical replies of a single cello which in turn leads to peace and reflection.


Urmas Sisask, Gloria Patri: XXIII. Oremus (1988)
Arvo Pärt, Magnificat (1989)
György Ligeti, Sonata for Solo Cello: I. Dialogo: Adagio, rubato, cantabile (1948-53)
Morten Lauridsen, O Magnum Mysterium (1994)
George Crumb, Sonata: II. Tema Pastorale con variazioni (1955)
Sir John Tavener, Svyati "O Holy One" (1995)
Andrei Golovin, Elegy (1980)
Stephen Paulus, Pilgrim's Hymn (1997)

listen to these recordings by Vlaams Radiokoor:

-- O Magnum Mysterium (Morten Lauridsen)
-- Magnificat (Arvo Pärt)

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This concert took place in the concert hall without a live audience: you can replay the livestream until 20 March.

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